• For those who do not know iridum plugs are state-of-the-art automotive components that can optimize the burning of fuel inside gasoline, CNG and alcohol engines.

    When it comes to improving the performance of our vehicles, one of the cheapest items to change is the original iridium plugs. For more insights jump to: best spark plugs


    Throughout the text we will talk about the characteristics and advantages of this type of candle, we will give tips on how to specify the candles for your car and where to import.


    What are the advantages of iridium candles?


    There are several advantages to using iridium candles, we will show below the main benefits of this technology:


    Fuel economy


    In tests carried out by the manufacturers, it was possible to see a slight improvement in fuel consumption.


    In tests carried out by Denso, savings values ​​of 3.5% were found in relation to the standard spark plugs, in these tests it was used a 6-cylinder 2.0 car.


    It was also possible to see a slight increase of around 1.4% in the power of vehicles with iridium spark plugs, when compared to vehicles with standard spark plugs.


    Huge increase in durability


    While conventional sails have a durability of around 20,000 miles or something close to 40,000 km, iridium sails can last 100,000 miles or 160,000 km.


    Certainly using this type of spark plug you will only make a single exchange while you are with your car, generating a good future savings, although iridium spark plugs are a little more expensive.


    Improved ignition capability


    Iridium sails have a much higher ignition compared to conventional sails, this feature makes the engine run rounder at all revolutions, and have quicker responses when accelerating the car.


    The image below shows the combustion chamber with standard candles compared to iridium candles, the image makes it clear that burning is much better with iridium candles.


    Where do all these characteristics come from


    Iridium electrode plugs have a feature that makes them far superior to conventional ones. This characteristic is the central electrode much thinner than that of conventional candles.


    While a conventional candle has an electrode measuring 2.5 mm, an iridium candle has electrodes measuring 0.4 mm (Denso candles). That is, an electrode with a tip more than 5 times thinner.




    The first thing that can come to the mind of the majority, would be that these candles, because they have much thinner electrodes, would be much less resistant to wear.

    However, due to the materials used in the construction of iridium candles, just the opposite occurs.


    While a conventional candle can last about 40 ~ 60 thousand km, an iridium candle from NGK can exceed 100 thousand km, and an iridium candle from Denso can exceed 160 thousand km.


    I have already proven this durability in practice, when I rode with a Sandero for more than 90 thousand KM with a set of NGK iridium candles, and they were still as new, today I am testing a Denso game and I am very satisfied with the performance until the time.


    Physics applied to iridium candles


    The physics connected to iridium candles can be a little complicated for the layman, and it makes no sense that I try to explain complex concepts to you in a merely introductory text, let's try to use some concepts, but in a very simplified way.


    I am not a candle expert, but I am a metallurgical and materials engineer and also an electronics technician, so I know most of the concepts involved in the performance of iridium candles.